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What People Are Saying

Don't take our word for it, following is a sample of some customer feedback! (completely unprompted!)


Leonard Whittaker • millennium3  millennium3.com.au

"I have not as yet found anything that offers better functionality and value for money." 


Jim Wilkinson  Retire Secure Pty Ltd

"myworkspace is proving the No 1 driver of efficiency and timeliness within our business. Over the last few years it has enabled us to get closer to our clients and better serve their needs."


Stuart Bidwell  Oxygen Bookkeepingoxygenbookkeeping.com.au

"Oxygen Bookkeeping offers peace of mind to its clients through a fixed fee fully systemised process which keeps them compliant with the BAS. The BAS goes in on time or Oxygen will pay the fine - thats our guarantee!

Oxygen is only able to offer this service through using myworkspace. myworkspace gives Oxygen the ability to run its business comfortable in the knowledge that all its client data is safe, secure and professionally managed.

By using myworkspace's web based solution, Oxygen allows its clients the flexibility to do as much or as little of its own accounts as they wish. They can use myworkspace on their own and get accounting support from Oxygen, or they can fully outsource its accounts to Oxygen and just use myworkspace for looking at its reports.

I have a background in implementing accounting software for PwC and have 20 years experience in accounting so choosing myworkspace was done after a great deal of research and due diligence. myworkspace, in the opinion of Oxygen, is the only solution in the marketplace that offers a professional, stable, proven and reliable service for clients, bookkeepers and accountants."

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What People
Are Saying
Take a look at some feedback from people that use myworkspace
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