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Why use many software packages,
when all you need is one? is a single web-based system you can use to run your complete business - no need to look further!

We take all the hassle out of running computer systems and let you focus on running your business - saving you money and hours of wasted time fighting with software and re-keying information.   You will be amazed.

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Organised, happy, successful...

Customer relationship management (CRM) and accounting in one system Grant 'live' secure access to your accountant &/or bookkeeper
  Access information while mobile on mobile phone, PDA, iPhone or similar  • Save & retrieve your business documents online
 • Organise your business, with project and task management  •
Access your integrated email, SMS & diary anywhere - share your diary

Manage sales opportunities more successfully


Integrated website management
(no need to pay for website hosting)

 • Sell products online, with inventory and with no rekeying into your invoicing system! •  Find locations & plan trips with integrated Google mapping
Keep your customers up to date with eNews and track what they are interested in Track your favourties websites & RSS news feeds, including secure user names and passwords
Manage events and send invites, with automatic accept or decline  • Create quick polls to send via Email or SMS
plus much more... talk to us about your needs...
We can have your space set up in a matter of hours!


Move From

Information is decentralised and not easily found.



To This

Information is centralised and organised.


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 Be Green...

Save time, money and the environment by using myworkspace!  People can work from where it suits them and the business best, reducing travelling time, costs and pollution caused by transport •