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myworkspace|accounting Membership

Accounting is an add-on to the myworkspace::business membership. The Accounting add-on includes all you need to fully account for your business. Including the ability for your Accountant to switch into your business (if you give them the security access) and provide their accounting expertise.

  • Is add-on to myworkspace|business.
  • $27.50 per user per month (see additional usage fees at the bottom of this page)


Invoices / Expenses / Payments / Receipts / Credit Notes

Manage the day-to-day invoices and expenses of your business

Full General Ledger

A default chart of accounts is supplied as a starting point. You can add your own full chart of accounts to meet your own requirements.

Pay Assistant

Manage your staff payroll including automatic creation of tax and superannuation expenses.

BAS Assistant

Calculate your GST / PAYG Payroll and PAYG Company tax requirements.

Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile your bank accounts.

Profit & Loss

Produce a Profit and Loss Statement at any time to see how your business is going.

Balance Sheet

Produce a Balance Sheet regularly to review your overall business status.


Budget on a month by month basis and compare actual to budget figures.

Debtors and Creditor Reports

Produce reports to show who owes you money, and to whom you owe money.


Fine Print

  • Pricing for up to 30 users, if greater then 30 users please request a quote.
  • All areas of the system outlined above

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Getting Help

  • If you need assistance please contact myworkspace Support toll free (within Australia) on 1300 131 848.
  • Or call us for free on Skype
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